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B\’Nai Brith and Anti-Racist ACTION! Their Secret Relationship DOCUMENTED!

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B\’Nai Brith and Anti-Racist ACTION! Their Secret Relationship DOCUMENTED!

via B\’Nai Brith and Anti-Racist ACTION! Their Secret Relationship DOCUMENTED!.

B’nai Brith GUILTY! of Libel!

The B’nai Brith and their charitable status!

Read a CAFEs letter about B’nai Brith issuing tax receipts
complete with all reasons they should not have charitable status
B’nai Brith Offers “Charitable” Receipts for Donations to Lethbridge

B’nai Brith Canada is supposedly an upstanding organization. Their motto is “People Helping People”, but B’nai Brith has a more sinister side! They support, help finance, and supply information for terrorists which have caused thousands of dollars of damage to property as well they have been involved in violent confrontations where people were almost killed!

B’nai Brith claims to be Canada’s “Canada’s leading Jewish advocacy organization”, but advocacy is only part of what they do, sadly they appear to have walked down the road of supporting and AIDing terrorism. They are assisting lawlessness in society and instead of intellectually defeating their detractors, they opt to work closely and support people who would kill their political opponents.

Within these pages, we are going to layout how B’nai Brith is working closely with one of Canada’s most violent groups – Anti-Racist Action!


On May 22, 1996, Sam Title of B’nai Brith writing to Metro Councilor Norm Gardiner’s office supporting a grant the terrorists of the ARA applied for. He wrote that B’nai Brith has a “very workable and amiable relationship with ARA ..” and also comments that the B’nai Brith has “worked with them before” -[See entire letter, complete with B’Nai Brith Logo at top!]


Picture of Karen Mock, National Director of B’nai Brith sitting in front of Anti-Racist Action poster, when she spoke at an ARA conference in which illegal actions were discussed, including how to make stencils for graffiti purposes. Also interesting is that Mock is seen at the conference talking often to ARA leader Ajith Aluthwatta who is linked to people in British Columbia who are under investigation for firebombing B’nai Brith’s political opponent Ernst Zundel [See picture here, from ARA publication, On the Prowl, Fall ’96]


2 page article from the Ottawa Times, October 1997, titled “B’NAI BRITH LINKED TO EXTREMISTS” This is the all most complete story of how the B’nai Brith and ARA have worked together. This is a must read! [Page 1 – Ottawa TimesPage 16 – Ottawa Times]

More to be added soon! Keep checking back!

For more information on how violent the ARA see our Freedom-Site EXPOSED section!


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