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CJC Zionists Fund Nazis « Ziofascism

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CJC Zionists Fund Nazis « Ziofascism

via CJC Zionists Fund Nazis « Ziofascism.

Henry Makow runs Ezra Levant’s article about the CJC organizing Nazis in Canada.

Here is an article from Arthur Topham with some more background, exposing Levant as a little Zio-Nit: &


The main point again, if I may, is that throughout this whole exercise in Zionist propaganda and mind-control, we are seeing, as is par for the course, Zionist Jews playing the lead roles in both sides of this seemingly controversial battle over Section 13(1). Levant is a Zionist. Asper is a Zionist. Bernie Farber is a Zionist. An unholy trinity of vipers out to bewitch the public with their sophistry and media magic, aided and abetted by their crypto-Zionist supporters (the “dummies”) who have no real idea what the Big Picture is all about.

At the end of the Levant rant we see the same old hatred spewed forth against the Germans just to remind those readers (again) who may have forgot their daily Zionist catechism of the Great Persecution and the Holocaust and “gas chambers” and Cotler’s “New anti-Semitism” creed now being slipped surreptiously into the Zionist culture we tend to think of as being truly “Canadian”.

And here’s something found on Usenet(posted by harry.maxtor.von.stien ):

Twenty years after the Canadian Nazi Party vanished, CSIS, Canada’s spy
agency, inserted an operative named Grant
Bristow into another rag-tag racist group called the Heritage Front. Unlike
Garrity, Bristow didn’t play second-fiddle.

He became the boss, turning the Heritage Front into Canada’s leading white
supremacist group. This time it wasn’t just Jewish money that was spent
propping up neo-Nazis – NOTE: – all taxpayers paid for it. Your money….

Which brings us to the present day – and back to Rabbi Bulka and the section
13 censorship law. Canada’s largest customer of section 13 is Richard
Warman, who has been the complainant in all but two cases heard by
the tribunal this decade. The CJC was so impressed that they gave Warman an

But, in a stunning human rights tribunal ruling last month, Warman himself
was rebuked for posting anti-Semitic comments on Stormfront, a neo-Nazi
website, including a message calling Jews “scum.”

Editor’s note: Ezra Levant’s revelations about the Canadian Jewish Congress
organizing the Canadian Nazi Party has a corollary in the United States.
Although not covered by the corporate media, Morris Dees’ Southern Poverty
Law Center played a role in the OKC bombing, as revealed in the following
declassified FBI memo:


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