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The Radical Press & The Gilad Atzmon Interview

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The Radical Press.

Many other Hot Topics: Interview with Gilad Atzmon

Arthur Tophan’s intro: This interview with Gilad Atzmon, undoubtedly, is one of the best examples I have read of an explanation for why the so-called “Left” here in the West has lost its relevancy in terms of the greater, burning question of global, moral outrage and dissatisfaction with both the state of Israel and its fundamental, supportive ideology known as political Zionism.It identifies Marxism for what it truly is: a Zionist/Talmudic/Jewish concept based on a disbelief in God coupled with a supremacist attitude toward others who do not fit the cold, Marxist calculations of what defines a family, a community and a nation and also what is relevant to others in terms of their innate spiritual beliefs and/or consciousness of good and evil.

Gilad’s clear, frank and unambiguous responses to Miriam Cotton’s assumptions about Zionism and the Left were, for me, a joy to read. They acted like a cleanser, wiping away the grime that both smothers and conceals the seemingly endless discourse and rhetoric which inevitably composes the Marxist dialectic.

This interview is indeed a welcome response to these liberal assertions that the Left espouses under the guise of being humanists and ought to be seriously read and seriously promoted online in order to assist others who are still struggling with this divisive and essentially moral, ethic and spiritual Marxist conundrum that continues to plague humankind’s ability to live in peace and harmony and understanding.]

Shine your Light for Love, Peace & Justice for All,

Arthur Topham
The Radical Press
Canada’s Radical News Network
“Digging to the root of the issues since 1998″

[I could never say it better myself.  Nice summation of the situation Arthur. ]

Touching Left, Islam, Israeli Lobby, Chomsky and Many other Hot Topics

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Discussion with Gilad Atzmon by Miriam Cotton

Introduction by Miriam Cotton

Gilad Atzmon is a world renowned saxophonist and musician with a deep political passion for humanist issues and concern for the fate of the Palestinian people.  He has written extensively about the issue and been published widely.  As a self-exiled, former Jewish Israeli and IDF soldier, Atzmon’s perspective within the raging public discourse on Palestine is relatively unique.  His views are bitterly opposed by some among anti-Zionist Jewish groups, who accuse him of anti-Semitism and of being a ‘self-hater’.

Atzmon fiercely resists the charge of anti-Semitism and insists that he is concerned with a proper and thorough examination of the ideology of what it is to be Jewish – in particular about how the notion of the  Jews as ‘a chosen people’ has led, as he sees it, inexorably to the rise of Zionism and its present disproportionate influence on world affairs.

Atzmon also takes issue with the Western Left which he believes has failed either to recognize the true extent of Zionist influence (he singles Noam Chomsky out for criticism) and of not understanding how western Marxist/socialist ideologies are incompatible with Islamic societies and therefore can be of no use to them.   These and other issues are discussed with him below.  There are many things in what Atzmon says below that beg further question and comment but hopefully the exchange has served to illustrate his interpretation of the Palestinian situation and to provide an insight on a less frequently aired or understood perspective.

Miriam Cotton

MediaBite (Ireland)

June 21st 2010

See Arthur’s Blog or Gilad Atzmon’s for the whole interview:

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