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The Arabian Messiah | Ashraf Ezzat

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By tracing back the common (Arabian) roots of Judaism and Islam, we have come to the safe conclusion (supported by evidence-based findings) that Hebrew and Arabic languages are two dialects of the same ancient Arabian tongue, and that Judaism and Islam are the product of one and the same Arabian culture and geography (but at different times).

Judaism is not and should not be related to (western) Christianity thematically and philosophically speaking. The long bond between the two religions is only political in nature (thanks to the Romans and their clever attempt to alleviate the militarization/violence of the Arabic/tribal Jews many of whom had already migrated from Yemen to Palestine a couple of centuries before the Christ tale).

The only way that seemed possible to control that ancient tide of militant Judaism (something like the current Islamic militancy – they both share the same Arabian tribal culture) was to dissolve it in a whole new (peaceful and tolerant) faith by making use of and actualizing the Arabian/Jewish ‘Messiah syndrome’. why do think the Gospels were written in Greek and not in Aramaic, the language used by Jesus and his disciples?? And bear in mind that Aramaic is but another dialect of the Arabian tongue (don’t fall for the Zionist classification of those languages as Semitic)

“At the core of this whole Messianic culture is ancient Arabian/tribal tradition intimately interwoven with pagan myths”

Source: The Arabian Messiah | Ashraf Ezzat


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October 19, 2015 at 11:06 pm

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